When Your Main-Frame 6-Point Scores 214

This unique Oklahoma buck a total of 31 abnormal points to go along with a main-frame 6-point rack.

GON Staff | March 10, 2017

Did you hear about the “6-point” buck that was recently officially measured and tallied 214 total inches?

The incredible buck does in face have a 6-point main-frame—the part of the rack that includes the normal points and the main beams—but it also has 31 additional abnormal points. Abnormal points can include drop tines, points that arise off other tines and kicker points that are most common around the bases.

The massive 37-point buck was killed in Oklahoma this past deer season by Phil Scribner. The rack has 46 inches of mass on the eight circumference measurements, which are taken on all racks when measured for the Boone & Crockett/Pope & Young scoring system. That’s an average of 5 6/8 inches on each of the circumference measurements, and those measurements are taken at the smallest spot between the tines. Note: For a 6-point buck, it still gets eight circumference measurements, even though there aren’t G3 and G4 tines to measure the circumference between—for an 8-point rack, the circumference measurement is taken halfway between the center line of the last tine and the tip of the main beam. On a 6-point main-frame rack, that last circumference is recorded twice.

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