Wheelchair Hunter Takes Big Buck From Union County

With the help of a good buddy, Will Arrant has a super mountain buck for the wall.

Jordan Davis | October 30, 2015

Will Arrant, of Blairsville, doesn’t let a wheelchair stop him from knocking down big bucks. With the help of his buddy Randy, he killed this big 10-pointer in Union County on Oct. 19.

Will Arrant, of Blairsville, took down a Union County 10-pointer, his biggest buck to date, the evening of Oct. 19.

Hunting is one of his favorite hobbies, despite the fact that Will is in a wheelchair. That evening, Will and a good friend, Randy Hooper, went to a some leased private land where they had recently planted food plots with clover. After watching some nice deer on camera for about five months, Will knew what could be in store for his hunt.

To hunt, Will transfers out of his wheelchair onto a Kubota that he actually hunts from. Randy hunts with him to offer any assistance that Will may need.

“My buddy Randy is the one who studies all the pictures and does a lot of the scouting,” said Will. “He’s basically my legs.”

After a short time they could hear movement down in the hollow below them. It was actually several bucks together, but one separated and headed for the pair of hunters on the Kubota.

“Randy kept saying, ‘It’s a good buck, it’s a good buck. Can you see him’”? Will said.

“Finally, all I could see was the body, and then I got a neck shot.”

Will took the shot but missed.

Randy grabbed Will’s gun, ejected the cartridge and jammed in another one for a second shot. The first shot echoed loud enough that the big buck had no idea where it came from and had not moved.

“On my second shot, I dropped him right there,” said Will.

Randy told Will later that he knew the entire time it was the big 10-pointer they had been watching on cameras.

“I was and still am very excited,” said Will. “It was my fourth time going this year.”


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