Velvet Buck Poached, Reward Offered

Sportsmen and area residents are up in arms about the shooting of a big buck seen often in the Watkinsville area of Oconee County.

Daryl Kirby | August 3, 2014

Imagine the emotions felt by area landowners and hunters when word got out that a beautiful buck, still in velvet and still growing a super set of antlers, was shot and killed by a poacher.

Anger, frustration, heartache… did we mention anger?

According to DNR’s Law Enforcement Division (LED), the buck was shot by a poacher the night of July 11 in a field on Simonton Bridge Road near the Watkinsville city limits.

“If you have any information regarding this case, please call the Ranger Hotline at (800) 241-4113 or e-mail [email protected], or private message (on Facebook),” read an LED statement on their Facebook page.

“Please share this photo so we can get the word out and find the responsible criminal. All information is strictly confidential, and you can remain anonymous. Information leading to an arrest will result in a reward.”

The Ranger Hotline program is funded by the Georgia Natural Resource Foundation. Contributions to the Ranger Hotline program are greatly needed and appreciated. Donations can be sent to: Ranger Hotline Program, 2065 US Highway 278 SE, Social Circle, GA 30025. More info can be found at

For updates on LED efforts, like their Facebook page at

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