Terrell County Buck With Double Drops And 23-Inch Spread

Joe Dent's 14-point buck has more than 170 inches of antler.

Bill Cooper | December 8, 2016

In late summer and early fall, Joe Dent, and his hunting companions began getting trail-camera photos of an impressive wide-antlered buck on their Terrell County hunting lease. Only problem was that all of the images were recorded at various times during the night. Not surprisingly, bowhunters never got a glimpse of the big deer, nor was it sighted during the first few weeks of gun season.

“We thought the rut might alter the buck’s movement patterns,” Joe said. “But despite continuing to get trail-camera photos, the deer remained unsighted through late November.”

However, on the morning following Thanksgiving, Joe was hunting a travel corridor within a block of timber when suddenly he spotted several deer moving through the trees and brush. Shockingly, one of two bucks in the group was the big whitetail.

“Admittedly, finally seeing the buck put my heart rate through the ceiling,” Joe said. “But I managed to calm down long enough to take full advantage of my shooting opportunity.”

The buck’s impressive 14-point rack includes a spread that exceeds 23 inches, double drop tines, and grosses a non-typical score in the 170s range.

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