Special Plates Help Fund DNR Efforts

From extra money for trout stocking to saltwater artificial reefs, these speciality plates do more than just show your passion.

GON Staff | June 2, 2020

Specialty license plates are a way for Georgians to show their passion for a particular interest—everything from your favorite college team to military veteran status. 

These speciality plates, also known as prestige tags, are also a way to help support particular DNR programs.

A standard Georgia license plate or tag renewal costs $20. 

A WRD specialty plate costs $45, and $20 of that extra $25 cost goes to a particular DNR program.

There’s also a new DNR Law Enforcement specialty license plate to support game wardens and their efforts in Georgia. The Law Enforcement tag was started in 2018, and it supports the Law Enforcement Division efforts including protection of wildlife and natural resources, enforcement of boating, litter, and waste laws, teaching of hunter and boater classes, and other public safety services to Georgians.

The Law Enforcement Division (LED) of DNR got a speciality license plate in 2018. For each purchase or renewal of the DNR Law Enforcement license plate, $22 goes toward game warden efforts.

This new Law Enforcement license plate has an initial fee of $80, and it is $55 for a renewal, of which $22 for initial fee or renewal goes to game warden efforts. The Law Enforcement tag costs more than the other DNR tags because of how the enacting legislation was written in 2018 for the Law Enforcement tag, versus the other tags that were created decades before. All newly created speciality tags like the LED tag have the higher cost.

Here’s a guide to the other DNR speciality license plates and what that extra cost to you will help fund.


The bobwhite quail plate, which also pictures a deer and turkey, contributes to WRD’s Bobwhite Quail Initiative (BQI), an effort to restore Georgia quail through assistance to private landowners and public-land improvement. The BQI program was developed 21 years ago in 1999.

Trout Unlimited Plate 

For each purchase or renewal of the trout license plate, $20 goes to Georgia’s trout conservation and management programs. This include funding stocking trucks, trout feed at hatcheries and labor, and wild trout benefit from habitat improvements. 

Redfish Marine Habitat Plate 

Funds from sale of the redfish license plate are used in combination with Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration and donations from businesses, private individuals and conservation groups such as the Coastal Conservation Association to enhance habitats used by a variety of marine species. Projects include oyster reef creation and artificial reefs for inshore and offshore enhancements. 

GO WILD! Nongame Plate 

A bald eagle or butterfly speciality plate supports the nongame section of DNR, with a focus endangered or threatened species such as gopher tortoises and indigo snakes. DNR says these plates make up more than half of all contributions to the Wildlife Conservation Fund (the nongame program).

How To Buy A DNR Tag

At your county tag office, ask for a particular wildlife or the Law Enforcement  plate and pay the fee. These plates cost more than a standard Peach State plate, but much of the additional costs help fund DNR projects. You will receive a temporary tag from the county. Specialty plates can be renewed online in most counties or at your local tag office.

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  1. grp7357 on July 13, 2020 at 10:20 pm

    Come on people!!! make em design a tag for bass fisherman!!!!

  2. grp7357 on July 8, 2020 at 7:00 pm

    Since the standing world record bass was caught in Ga why in the heck can’t we be able to purchase a bass tag?????????????????

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