Six-Legged Fawn Found In Floyd County

Strange fawn recuperating after being attacked by dogs.

Nick Carter | August 1, 2008

This six-legged fawn found in Floyd County near Armuchee July 18 was treated for injuries sustained in a dog attack and is doing fine. The young buck was taken to an animal rehabilitator near Athens.

Following a dog attack in a small Floyd County community north of Armuchee July 18, this 1-month-old fawn had to have its tail amputated. That’s OK; it’s got another one. It also has six legs. According to Dr. Dan Pate, who treated the buck fawn at West Rome Animal Clinic, the deer is recovering and getting around fine.

“We took X-rays, and the deer appeared to be perfectly normal until it got to the pelvic area,” Pate said.

The deer has two separate pelvises and uses one leg from each pelvis to walk. It also has two functional sets of urinary and digestive systems. Dr. Pate said when it uses the bathroom, both sets of everything work. He explained the extra parts as “Some sort of cellular abnormality, like Siamese twins.”

The deer was taken to a rehabilitator in Athens, where it could remain permanently because of concerns about releasing it into the wild.

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