Quota Hunt Applications Now Being Taken

This year, adults will need to merge online quota-hunt and license-purchasing accounts; youth will need to create new accounts before applying.

Brad Gill | June 25, 2015

With the July 31 deadline for alligator quota-hunt applications nearing, some GON readers have already discovered changes to WRD’s online application process. Before you apply for any online quota hunt this year, you’ll need to jump through a few easy hoops that are designed to make life easier for those who apply for quota hunts and purchase licenses.

“We are especially pleased to bring hunters a new system this year that improves and streamlines the application process,” says John Bowers, Chief of the Game Management Section with WRD. “This system, which debuted on June 1, allows applicants to use their existing license-purchase account—so there is no separate quota application system requiring customers to remember a different username or password.”

I linked my old quota-hunt account to my license-purchase account and found the process simple. Here’s what to do:

• Go to
• Click on “Access The Quota System.”
• From there, click on “Locate and Register for Events, Classes and Quota Hunts.”
• At the top of the page, click on “Locate Your Customer Account.”

Next you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll need to enter your personal information.

For Step 1, enter your birthday. For Step 2, the system wants you to enter a “Second Personal Identifier.” The preferred identifier is your GADNR Customer ID number that you were given when purchasing a hunting or fishing license. I found my number on my license and entered the nine-digit number. My account came up with no problem, and all my priority points were accounted for.

If you can’t locate your license or GADNR Customer ID number, you can also enter your social-security number. If you know you already have a customer account, but can’t find your GADNR Customer ID or social security number, you might have created your account with one of the following forms of ID:  drivers license, green card, passport or a U.S. travel VISA.

Once my name and information showed up on the screen, I clicked on “Register for an Event or Quota Hunt” and was easily able to apply for this year’s quota hunts.

Youth Quota Hunt Accounts

Next, I had to go through the same process for my daughters. Both are under the age of 16 and have never purchased a hunting or fishing license because they haven’t legally been required to yet. However, both had been applying for quota hunts and had priority points built up.

I did not have their GADNR Customer ID number, so after following the above steps I punched in their social-security numbers. However, the system did not recognize their accounts.

So, I called for help. If you need technical support with any part of this process, call (800) 366-2661, and then pick option 3 to save time from listening to menu options.

It turns out the system did not recognize my daughters’ information because they have not had to purchase a license yet. Therefore, all youth (assuming the youth has never purchased a license) simply needs to set up a new account. Follow through with Steps 1 and 2 above, and then it will prompt you to set up a new account after the system does not recognize their information.

The lady with customer service told me that after 30 minutes the system would use their social-security numbers to link any old priority points to their new accounts, which is exactly what happened. I spoke with someone at the WRD License and Boat Registration Unit who said this process could take as long as 24 hours, so be patient if it takes longer than a half hour. Either way, both my girls have their priority points restored to their new accounts and are ready to apply for quota hunts.

Again, if you experience issues with this, call (800) 366-2661, and then pick option 3 to save time from listening to menu options.

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