Pine Log WMA Land For Sale

Sportsmen are hopeful a new owner would continue long-standing lease for WMA use—or that the state could step in and purchase the tract.

John Trussell | May 20, 2022

Outdoorsmen are reacting with concern and alarm as news broke that Pine Log WMA is part of a large land holding near White that is now up for sale. The Aubrey Corporation has put 19,500 acres on the market, which includes Pine Log WMA. It is among the largest contiguous, private, single-entity holdings between Atlanta and Chattanooga. 

A DNR statement said, “Pine Log Wildlife Management Area (WMA), located in Bartow County, is a popular 14,134-acre leased property with great conservation and recreational value offering opportunities for deer, bear, turkey, small game and dove hunting. In addition, the area offers more than 23 miles of hiking, biking and equestrian trails and access to trout streams.

“Georgia citizens have benefited from the long-standing relationship between the current landowner and the State through a lease agreement for Pine Log WMA. Currently, the Department of Natural Resources is working hard to investigate all opportunities to provide public recreational access on this property into the future.”

Josh Smallwood, Steven Lujan and Daniel McCord had a great dove shoot at Pine Log WMA last season. They put together two limits. Josh shot his first banded dove, and one man ran out of shells by 8:30 am. “I’m very thankful for WRD for putting the work into these fields at Pine Log WMA,” said Josh.

Developers have focused on or near the I-75 corridor north of Atlanta.

Jim Ramseur, who will lead the sale for Lee & Associates, said, “Continued enjoyment of green space, as well as the need for smart development of housing and live, work, play projects, are an essential part of the growth plan for the area, and these 19,500-plus acres are right in the heart of that path.”

Ramseur said the booming real estate market, particularly in the Atlanta I-75 market, led to the decision for the family and Corporation to investigate potential buyers. Ramseur, an avid outdoorsman himself, says the family is keenly aware of the environmental importance of Pine Log WMA, and they have worked with DNR for many years to lease the property to the State for the outdoor enjoyment of the public. He says the owners, who greatly enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities, would be pleased if an arrangement could be reached where the land remains within the WMA system.

GON subscriber Darrin Ray, of Acworth, has hunted Pine Log WMA for years. Darrin killed this 8-point buck during a 2015 non-quota hunt at Pine Log.

Reece Monroe started an online petition in an effort to save Pine Log WMA. In the petition he states, “From the pre-Civil War iron furnaces, the Native American stone ruins, the wildflowers and the native animals, to the springs and creeks, this land is rich in history and wildlife, and it undoubtedly deserves to be preserved. 

“While already providing opportunities for things such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, hunting, fishing and camping, there is potential for so much more. I hope this petition will help to encourage the State of Georgia and Department of Natural Resources to purchase and preserve this land, because we cannot afford to lose it.” 

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  1. Trophy12 on May 30, 2022 at 8:56 am

    I hope the state can out bid the developers for this property, then maybe the DNR can make the land improvements necessary to make it much better hunting property. I have hunted it many times over the years and could see so much potential in it. We will undoubtedly loose future hunters if this proerty is lost.

  2. 10pointduck on May 20, 2022 at 2:42 pm

    I am so sick of real estate and developers wanting to destroy every bit of forest land and country side in America all for the reasoning of so called progress.

  3. drewskyc on May 20, 2022 at 12:38 pm

    Man. Sure would hate to see The Log lost to the next generation of outdoorsman. Spent many a good time with my family up there.

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