Peachtree Corners Voting Tonight On New Bowhunting Ordinance

Possible ordinance would require bowhunters in this Gwinnett County city to obtain a permit.

Erika Cochran | November 15, 2016

Peachtree Corners, a city in Gwinnett County, will be voting on an ordinance tonight that would require anyone bowhunting inside the city limits to first obtain a city permit. This is the second attempt at a city ordinance that would create a hurdle for bowhunters. The city’s first attempt—which came at last month’s meeting—tried to make bowhunting illegal inside city limits.

Charlie Killmaster, WRD’s state deer biologist, who attended last month’s city council meeting, gave his remarks on the rewritten ordinance stating, “It certainly doesn’t preclude hunting, so that’s definitely a positive. It kind of makes it seem like hunting is more unsafe than target practice, which is not the case. I am just happy that is not going to preclude the use of hunting as a management tool in that city.”

The rewritten ordinance would mean bowhunters could not discharge a bow or crossbow inside city limits without first obtaining a city permit. This permit has to be obtained from the city manager or his/her designee.

There would be requirements before obtaining the permit. The ordinance states each permit holder would have to complete a state-approved safety course. It’s still unclear whether or not the state’s hunter-education course would meet this qualification. Additionally, written permission of the owner(s) of any property where archery hunting will occur must be obtained before a permit can be issued.

Judy Putnam, the Communications Director for the City of Peachtree Corners, clarified that if you fulfill the requirements that are stated in the ordinance, you will get a permit and be allowed to bowhunt.

Carson Saville, who grew up and currently resides in Peachtree Corners, said, “If you’re serious about hunting the area, you will get a permit. This new ordinance should help catch people from poaching from vehicles.”

For those who wish to engage in archery target practice, no permit would be needed.

This rewritten ordinance would also make it illegal to discharge a firearm for hunting purposes inside the city limits. However, BB guns and air pellet rifles could still be discharged inside the city limits.

An attempt was made by the Peachtree Corners city council to ban hunting in the Gwinnett County city last month. The mayor received many complaints, which led to the writing of a new ordinance.

There will be an opportunity for public comments before the ordinance is voted on tonight. The meeting will take place at 7 p.m. at the Peachtree Corners City Hall.

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