Oklahoma Game Warden Busts Lady Poacher On Dating App

Another form of social media leads to poaching case as warden busts a lady looking for a date.

Brad Gill | January 10, 2019

GON has recently reported that Georgia game wardens are now using all kinds of social media to look for game-related violations. However, a new form of social media from an Oklahoma game warden is one we haven’t heard yet.

According to the Oklahoma Game Wardens Facebook page, Game Warden Cannon Harrison was on a dating app when he met a lady who had just killed a deer. However, as Harrison would soon discover, that deer was taken illegally with a spotlight. Below are some of the messages relayed back and forth between Harrison and the lady.

Lady: How are you?

Harrison? No complaints, how about you?

Lady: Oh I’m great. Just shot a “bigo” buck. Pretty happy about it.

Harrison: (Explicit) yeah, get em with a bow?

Lady: Well we don’t need to talk about that.

Harrison: Haha spotlight?

Lady: Yeahhhh

Harrison was able to locate where the lady killed the buck, and Oklahoma Game wardens arrived at the property and made the illegal deer case. She has already pled guilty and paid multiple fines.

The Oklahoma Game Wardens Facebook page posted, “Thanks to Warden Harrison for sharing this entertaining case!” 

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