Oddities In Nature: 8-Point Doe

This Harris County deer's headgear says buck, but it is really a doe.

GON Staff | February 1, 2005

Wayne Cauthen was sure he had killed a pretty nice buck on some private property in Harris County the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

What Wayne didn’t count on was what he found when he retrieved the deer. The 8-pointer featured a rack covered in velvet and a milk sack with a small penis protruding from it.

According to Shawn Clark, the DNR law enforcement officer who saw the deer, it was most likely a doe with a higher-than-normal testosterone count. WRD senior biologist John Bowers said the same thing.

“Sometimes you have a doe with a high testosterone count, and they will grow antlers,” John said. “It’s really not as uncommon as you might think.”

Wayne said the antlers were soft at the ends and flexible. Shawn said he doubted the deer had ever shed the rack because it most likely didn’t rub or fight like a buck would.

Wayne Cauthen poses for a picture with a unique deer. Wayne killed the 8-point doe on November 27 on some private Harris County land. The deer had antlers and mixed sex organs.

Whatever the case, the deer certainly created quite a memory for Wayne. “I thought I had a buck, but it turned out to be an 8-point it,”

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