Huge Deer Skull Found In Woods

Isaac Weeks was walking though the Jackson County woods when he spotted the skull of a massive 16-point.

Chad Cain | July 17, 2018

Isaac Weeks was going behind his Jackson County house on July 1 to put out a trail cam over some corn when he stumbled upon a surprise.

“I hadn’t made it far down in the woods at all, and I saw the skull sitting there,” said Isaac. “I know that wasn’t where the deer died because I’ve been back there. I don’t know what drug it up or how it even stayed intact.”

He was actually heading to his neighbor’s land, where he has permission to scout and hunt, when he found the 16-point deer skull on his property. Isaac had never seen the deer on his or his neighbor’s land before.

Isaac plans on getting the skull officially scored and put in GON‘s County-by-County rankings lists as a pick-up rack.

“There are definitely deer on my property, but I’ve never seen anything like that,” said Isaac.

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