Heroes Hosted For Hunt

GON Staff | March 5, 2023

The Warrior Bonfire Program and Sawblade Outfitters recently hosted some of our military heroes for a special hunt.

Sawblade Outfitters in middle Georgia recently hosted some of our military heroes from the Warrior Bonfire Program on a hunt. A letter from one of the participants explains how important and impactful these efforts can be:

“My name is Jeremy Rawls, with the Warrior Bonfire Program. I served 11 years, four active in the Marine Corps and seven in the Army National Guard, with two combat tours to Iraq and two contracts in Afghanistan. I was combat wounded, with a lung disease from my first tour during the Iraq Invasion in 2003 and multiple TBIs and other injuries from my second tour for the Second Battle of Fallujah.

“The great outdoors makes a huge impact on myself and those we participate with to be active and help both physically and mentally, and we can’t thank Sawblade Outfitters and the state of Georgia enough for the opportunity to see the gift of nature God created.”

Sawblade Outfitters is opening their property again on March 11 for another organization, Dublin-based Kourageous Outdoor Kids. Kourageous Outdoor Kids is a “Christian-based organization run solely by volunteers focused on taking children with cancer and other life-altering illnesses on hunting and fishing trips of their dreams.”

Anyone interested in helping these kids enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer please visit the Kourageous Outdoor Kids Facebook page or email [email protected].

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