Guns In The News, One-Sided False Reporting

Right To Bear Arms Column: May 2002

Ronnie Garrison | May 1, 2002

There’s a lot of good news about the right to bear arms that you will never see or hear from big media, because when it comes to gun and gun-control issues, television networks and big-city newspapers tend to lose their objectivity. Some outright censor the news and report only what they think will advance their agenda.

You’ve likely heard about the lawsuits some cities filed against gun manufacturers. Big media like the Atlanta papers heralded these suits with front-page headlines. You know the lawsuits — mayors, taking time out from accepting campaign contributions from folks wanting city contracts — decided to sue gun makers because their products worked as designed. Suing because guns shoot bullets is like suing hammer makers because hammers are hard and can hurt you if you get hit in the head with one.

Did you see the news in February, 2002 that the Georgia Appellate Court ruled unanimously against the Atlanta suit? Probably not. The court said Atlanta and former-mayor Bill Campbell did not have authority over state laws. More importantly, the court said there was no example of unlawful conduct by the gun manufacturers. Too bad Campbell and his lawyers can’t be sued for filing a frivolous lawsuit.

There were about 19 cities, counties and states that jumped on this bandwagon scheme to try to get money and stop gun ownership. At least 10 of those suits have been dismissed by the courts, and 27 states have now passed laws forbidding their cities from suing gun manufacturers.

Ever hear of Mt. Holyoke College, a very-liberal woman’s college in very-liberal Massachusetts? Did you know the first college chapter of Second Amendment Sisters (SAS) was founded there and has about 50 members? That’s another little news item that was censored.

The women of SAS at Mt. Holyoke say they want to take responsibility for their own safety, and that includes the right to carry a gun. What a radical concept, taking responsibility for yourself. These women point to a series of rapes in their area and the fact police have been ineffective in solving them, much less protecting victims, as a reason they need to take action themselves.

One spokesman for a gun-control group on the same campus responded that guns were not a good way to protect yourself. Right. And grits ain’t groceries.

Each month the NRA magazines have a page called the Armed Citizen where they report on people using guns to protect themselves. They easily find seven to 10 cases to highlight every month. Yet these stories never seem to make the national news media.

One of the most glaring examples of the way media censors news happened a little over a year ago. One of the big Atlanta papers carried front-page stories about a 6-year-old kid taking a gun to school and shooting a classmate. This news ran on the front page and led the TV news for days. A few weeks later there was a report that a 10-year-old carried a knife to school and killed a classmate. It ran on page 11 of the Atlanta papers, and I never saw it on any TV news.

There is an old saying: “Don’t believe everything you hear and only half what you see.”

With the news media, don’t believe anything you see or read and know all of their news is slanted, if not biased!

Toy Guns And Televisions

A man told me about going into a toy store to buy a toy gun for his grandson. The clerk said they did not carry toy guns because there are too many guns in the country. Where did this happen? Right here in Macon, Ga. at the Toys R Us store! He said he had to search the Macon area for any store that carried any kind of toy guns.

The same week a report was published about the relationship between television and violence. It showed teenagers who watched television more than three hours a day as adolescents were five times as likely to commit aggressive behaviors as those watching less than an hour a day. Five times as likely to be involved in fights, assaults and robberies. That seems significant. Now I wonder how many stores will quit carrying TV sets because of this danger?

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