Giant Squid Washes Up In New Zealand

The oceans are home to some amazing and scary creatures, like this almost 14-foot long squid.

GON Staff | August 27, 2018

Strange things have a way of washing up on the beach, but some New Zealand divers now have quite the story to share after discovering a giant squid along a beach on Wellington’s south coast.

A story released by yesterday evening reported that brothers Daniel, Jack and Matthew Aplin made the startling discovery while riding the coast looking for a place to go diving.

This squid measured 13.8 feet long.

“After we went for a dive, we went back to it and got a tape measure out, and it measured 4.2 metres long (13.8 feet),” one of the brothers told the Herald.

Pictures made it over to the Facebook page of OCEAN HUNTER Spearfishing & Freediving Specialists.

“That’s a whole heap of calamari,” someone posted. 

Another said, “Id rather take on a great white shark. I bet there is more chances of surviving a shark than giant squids.” reported that the trio of diving brothers had seen quite a few sharks in the area but never a massive squid. It was also reported that there was no noticeable marks on the squid that indicated it had been attacked by something.

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