Giant Cobb County Buck Killed By Vehicle

Buck expected to gross in the mid 170s.

Jordan Davis | October 8, 2015

Yet another north Georgia monster buck has been hit by a vehicle.

On Oct. 1, Jacob Anderson, of Marietta, picked up the buck after being notified by a family friend that one had been hit in front of their house.

“They called and told me that a giant had been run over in our yard and to come get it now,” said Jacob. “So my Uncle Randy and I went to pick him up.”

Jacob and a friend of his hunt private land nearby and have seen the big 11-point buck multiple times on trail cameras and also passing through the area on the side of the road.

Jacob said that in addition to an impressive set of antlers, the buck had a huge body, too. He said it was quite a struggle just to load it into the bed of a truck.

“It was still exciting, I’m just glad we got him,” said Jacob. “However, it is a shame to see him hit by a car. I know several hunters have been waiting to get their shot at killing him.”

The deer is currently at Crane’s Taxidermy in Acworth waiting to be mounted. A measuring tape hasn’t been put on the antlers yet, but the rack is believed to gross in the mid 170s.

The other road-kill buck that GON recently reported on was a giant from Murray County. That story was published at on Sept. 11.


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