Get Your Buck Scored For GON Big-Buck Lists

Deer-scoring lists will start appearing in next month's issue.

Brad Gill | June 1, 2008

Official Boone & Crockett scorer Scott McDonald measures a set of antlers for GON’s Truck-Buck contest. If you’ve ever had a deer scored for the contest, GON already has the score. If not, call GON to find the nearest scorer.

It starts in July with the Triple-Digit WMA Bucks list. Then we slide into August with last season’s Fab-40. In September you’ll find the annual Pope & Young Special, and our big finale is to publish our exclusive County-by-County Big-Buck Rankings list every October.

There’s a reason to have your Georgia buck scored by an official Boone & Crockett scorer: GON keeps up with buck scores, and we really like publishing names of the lucky hunters.

For bow-killed bucks and deer off WMAs, we accept scores that net 100 inches or greater. For other lists, bucks must net 120 inches.

Did you kill a giant buck from last year? If so, you could make GON’s Fab-40 list this August. Generally a buck that nets in the high 140s will make the list. If you have one from the 2007 season, get the buck scored now.

If your buck has been scored for any of the Truck-Buck contests, we already have a record of your score.

To have your deer officially scored by a B&C scorer, call GON at (800) 438-4663. We’ll find the closest scorer to your home.

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