Georgia Lakes Hold Some Giant Cats!

This monster blue cat was caught at Lake Oconee.

Brad Gill | March 18, 2015

We see some great pictures and hear some awesome stories about hunting and fishing in Georgia, but one theme—monster catfish—always stops traffic and gets the crew buzzing at the GON office. There’s just something exciting and intriguing about these massive fish prowling the depths of our lakes.

Mason Milby, 8, of Farmington, was jug fishing with his dad Boone and their pastor Steve Powers on Lake Oconee last June when they caught a giant blue catfish.

“We didn’t have a scale big enough to weigh him, but we all agree that it was easily 45 to 50 pounds,” said Boone.

Over the last few years, Lake Oconee has become known for its excellent fishing for big blues and flathead catfish. Anglers catch lots of big catfish both on rod and reel and by jug fishing at Oconee.

For rod-and-reel anglers, the current Oconee lake record for blue catfish is 47-lbs., 5.1-ozs, while the flathead record is 45-lbs., 12-ozs. In order for a fish to qualify for GON’s Lake and River Records, it must be caught on rod and reel.

It’s not uncommon for blues and flatheads heavier than the actual lake records to be taken on trot lines, limb lines and jugs.

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