Fawn Crashes Georgia Pool Party

GON Staff | July 15, 2017

Sherrie Joiner was hosting some friends and their kids for a pool party at her southern Dawson County home when a small deer fawn suddenly jumped into the pool.

One of Sherrie’s friends, Heather Cox, just happened to be videoing the kids swimming when the fawn ran up, jumped through the iron bars of the fence, and leaped right into the pool, and all of the action—and shrieking—was caught on camera. The fawn struggling to climb out of the pool a few times before finding the steps and running back through the fence and into the woods.

Meanwhile, Sherrie was able to get a series of pictures on her phone.

Once finding the steps, the fawn was on its way back to the woods.

The fawn struggled a few times to climb out the pool…

“We never saw a momma,” Sherrie said.

The pool-party-crashing fawn showed up at about 2:30 p.m. on July 6. The Joiners live on about 2 1/2 acres in a neighborhood in southern Dawson County.

“We see some deer, but really not as many as you would expect. We have woods behind our property,” Sherrie said.

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