Fake Social Media Post Claims DNR Suspends Game Laws Due To Virus

DNR assures sportsmen that game wardens are working and enforcing laws.

GON Staff | March 18, 2020

If you’re depending on social media for your news, please reconsider. And at the very least verify anything you see posted that seems the least bit outrageous or hard to believe.

Hopefully few sportsmen believe a Facebook post going around this morning that claims Georgia DNR has suspended all game laws during the Covid-19 epidemic. That’s certainly not the case.

Game wardens in Georgia are working and enforcing all hunting and fishing rules and regulations. Below is the picture from the fake post:

This fake news post using the DNR logo claims game laws aren’t being enforced during the virus epidemic. That is not true.


The DNR Law Enforcement Division (LED) Facebook page posted the following message:


It was brought to our attention that the picture (above) was posted to Facebook this morning. This is incorrect information. ALL GAME LAWS ARE STILL IN PLACE and our Game Wardens will continue to enforce them.

While many changes are occurring due to the COVID-19 pandemic, suspending Georgia’s game and fish laws is not one of them.

FYI – the original poster has been contacted and has removed the post.

Thank you and stay safe.

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