FCA Event Promotes Faith, Family, Friends And Fishing

FCA family fishing event reaches out to west Georgia community through outdoor ministry.

Tim Eason | July 4, 2008

Jacob Holcombe of Franklin caught the biggest bass during the FCA fishing event at Georgia Power’s Plant Wansley near Carrollton. The 7-lb. bass earned Josh a tackle box and a $25 cash prize.

The recent “Teach a Kid to Fish” event hosted by the West Georgia Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and the FCA Outdoors of West Georgia at Plant Wansley near Carrollton was a great success. More than 225 kids ages 6 to 14 participated with a total number at the event including parents and volunteers exceeding 450. As a community-building event promoting faith, family, friends, fishing and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, some wonderful partnerships and future plans are already being planned.

The Rushet Fishing Team, made up of Bill Hetzel, Pat Rust, Peter Payne and Marj Bognar, was extremely pleased and hopes to partner with the FCA at other locations around the Southeast in the future. Sheriff Terry Langley of Carroll County supported the event by providing “One Way 2 Play Drug Free” T-shirts for all the participants, and volunteers. And Sheriff Ross Henry of Heard County challenged each to live a life of quality through investing in the lives of children. A special thanks goes out to all those who attended and volunteered, especially Zane Hetzel, George Walker and the Georgia Power staff, Sheriff Langley and the Carroll County Sheriffs and Fire departments. Thanks also goes to our sponsors which included Chick-fil-A of Carrollton, First Georgia Bank, McIntosh Bank, Georgia Power, Monavie, C.M. Tanner Groceries, Flowers, Pepsi-Buffalo Rock of Newnan, Shakespeare and Magic Tilt Trailers.

The Rushet Fishing team made up of Bill Hetzel, Pat Rust, Peter Payne and Marj Bognar partnered with Tim Eason and the West Georgia FCA to put on the event.

Jacob Holcombe of Franklin was the big winner catching the largest fish, a largemouth bass weighing approximately 7 pounds. He received a tackle box and a $25 cash prize. All participants, through the generosity of the sponsors, received a new Shakespeare rod and reel combo and lure package valued at $30, T-shirts, professional instruction, lunch, snacks and a goody bag. The success of the day could best be measured by seeing so many families smile, laugh and learn together some basic fishing skills with help of a caring community.

This event, as part of the efforts of the FCA Outdoors, is only the beginning of a growing presence of the FCA in the community. As Area Director of the West Georgia FCA, Tim Eason wants to invite you to become more involved with your local FCA and the outdoors ministry. As a nonprofit organization, he and all other Georgia FCA staff raise all the funds needed to staff and resource events for the community and school campuses. Future events for the FCA Outdoors of West Georgia are already being planned and hopefully will include a Sportsman Dinner this fall, a Sportsman Retreat in the spring of 2009 and numerous opportunities to build relationships with local and regional coaches and supporters. With the help and guidance from people like Cecil Carter with Pradco Outdoor Brands and Russell Thornberry with Buckmasters, it is the hope of FCA Outdoors to offer quality events and opportunities that connect the FCA Outdoor sportsmen to the local school campuses.

The FCA Outdoors vision is to impact the world for Jesus Christ through the influence of sportsmen, athletes and coaches.

If you are interested in joining the sponsor-and-support team, or if you would like to be added to the mailing and e-mail list, contact Tim Eason at (770) 301-4985 or by e-mail at <[email protected]>.

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