Unusual Encounter With A Georgia Hawk

The story of how a man's instinct leads to a remarkable bond.

Jordan Davis | August 3, 2016

Donnie Foster, of Hazlehurst, had a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with nature while traveling in Jeff Davis County on July 4.

While riding down Altamaha Road in Hazlehurst, Donnie and his wife spotted a hawk roughly 15 feet from the road.

Typically, hawks and most other birds would fly off when cars pass that close, but this hawk did not fly away.

Donnie decided to stop and investigate.

“I eased my way toward him, and he still had not moved,” said Donnie. “I immediately thought he was hurt.”

The couple began looking for signs of trauma or distress but could find no visible injuries.

“I continued talking to the bird while holding my hand out and began to pet him on the head,” said Donnie.

After several minutes of caressing the hawk, Donnie attempted to pick up the bird; and to his surprise, it was an easy task. The hawk then proceeded to climb up Donnie’s chest and onto his shoulder.

“He stood strong and proud, he never left a scratch,” said Donnie.

Donnie’s wife took pictures of the encounter. Moments passed, and then the hawk flew off and into a tree nearby.

“It was such a cool, but strange, experience. To have an encounter like that with a wild animal, a hawk at that, was very memorable,” said Donnie.

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