Elk Shot In Cherokee County

GON Staff | October 1, 1999

Denver Hill has a freezer full of elk—and he saved the cost of a trip to Colorado—he shot the cow elk in Cherokee County last Saturday.

Denver, who lives in the Macedonia community on Highway 20 east of Canton, was heading out Saturday morning about 10:30 a.m. to check the sights on his deer rifle behind his brother’s house. Denver had seen some large tracks in the area but thought they had been made by a cow.

“When the elk busted out of some bushes, it like to have scared me to death,” said Denver.

Denver followed the elk and saw it again in some woods about 100 yards away. He made a 40-yard shot with his .270 and dropped the elk.

It took a tractor to get the elk, estimated to weigh around 450 pounds, out of the woods.

WRD Technician Mike Cline was summoned to the scene to take blood and meat samples, and then the elk was off to a local processor.

Denver’s elk is one of the 10 elk that escaped from a Woodstock barn in April. The area where Denver killed his elk is approximately 18 miles from where the elk escaped. Two elk remain on the loose.

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