Douglas Teen Shoots Way To Victory In Hungary

This 19-year-old Georgia shotgunner is one of top shooters in the world.

Amber Roberts | August 4, 2017

Brice Grantham, of Douglas, was recently crowned the Beretta World Cup Jr. Champion while representing the USA in Budapest, Hungary.

Douglas teen Brice Grantham was named Beretta World Cup Jr. Champion while representing the USA in Budapest, Hungary July 2-10.

“I was little when I learned to shoot clays, maybe 7 or 8,” said Brice. “I saw my dad and uncle shooting them, so I wanted to try it, too. When I did, I was hooked.”

Now 19 years old, Brice works for Grantham Electrical Contracting whenever he isn’t competing.

Brice’s first shooting competition was an NWTF Turkey Shoot when he was 8 years old.

“There were 400 people there, and I was the worst score of them all, but someone gave me a gun… I was really hooked then,” said Brice.

Little did Brice know it then, but he would mature and go on to be the 2015 World English FITASC Runner-Up. The next year Brice would lead the Coffee County 4-H shotgun team to win first place in the nation. In addition, Brice is a three-time Florida Challenge Sub-Jr. Champ, a three-time Caribbean Cup Sub-Jr. Champ, a three-time GA State Sub-Jr. Champ and was part of Team USA in December 2016.

“I just love to shoot, I never get burnt out,” said Brice.

In April 2017, Brice was supporting Grantham Electric at the Champions of Hope at the Green Lakes Hunting Club in Ocilla. His team received High Overall (HOA) for the second year in a row. The Champions of Hope is an event hosted by Ruth’s Cottage & The Patticake House, where all the proceeds go to provide services to those who have been affected in some way by family violence, including child abuse.

In May, Brice competed at the Bradford Sportsman Farm in Florida for an NWTF shoot and scored 197 out of 200, which gave him HOA honors. He won seven guns doing so.

In the past seven months, Brice has been to Arizona, Michigan, New Jersey, Texas and Florida competing in shotgun events.

“It was such a surreal moment,” Brice’s mom Amanda said when asked about his accomplishment in Budapest, Hungary. “I asked Brice how he felt when he won in Hungary, and he told me that it felt the same. I said, ‘You don’t realize that your family back in America is going nuts right now!’ As a mom, I’m just very proud of him. He’s a man of very few words, but he’s a super amazing kid, and what he does with a shotgun goes above and beyond.”

Brice will be in Missouri Aug. 17-19 for stop No. four on the Professional Sporting Clays Association Tour.

Brice holds the winning plaque from the Bradford Farms NWTF shoot in Florida, an event where he won seven guns.


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  1. s. Brown on August 5, 2017 at 5:57 am

    Douglas teen very proud of the young man. I do wonder about the history of the shotgun which cost more than the average hunter’s field vehicle. Do guns of that caliber shoot any better than a stock plain one off the shelf?
    I know in many cases my stock Glock will out shoot a $1600 Kimber in the hands of a man who really can’t apply the fundamentals.

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