Don’t Forget December is Buck-Only For Most Hunters

Brad Gill | December 1, 2014

If you haven’t got your venison in the freezer yet, you may have messed up. For most Georgia hunters, Dec. 1-25 will be buck-only hunting. And if you’re relying on the few days after Christmas to put some meat up, good luck. Hunting gets tough by then.

There are exceptions to the buck-only days in December. Hunters in some metro Atlanta areas can still shoot antlerless deer. Also, hunters choosing to hunt with archery equipment in any county can still shoot does. Lastly, those who hunt in one of the nine counties with antler restrictions will also be allowed to shoot antlerless deer in December. Everyone else better only shoot if they see antler.

Before you go hunting, check the current hunting regulations. Those booklets are at many sporting good stores, and a current copy of the regulations, including a map of antlerless dates for your county, can be found at

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