Doe Crashes Through Greene County Home

Lee Coleman | November 19, 2020

Last Sunday Nov. 15, Brian and Kate McCabe, of the Carriage Ridge subdivision in Harbor Club in Greene County, got to experience firsthand the force of nature during the rut.

It was about 1:30 p.m. and the McCabe’s had just finished a birthday party at their house for about 30 people to celebrate the first birthday’s of twins Connor and Charlie. They were taking the babies upstairs for a nap when suddenly they heard the first crash.

Last Sunday was quite an adventure for a doe that was seeking asylum from the pursuit of a big buck and took flight on this porch, sailing over the chair and through the large pane glass window into the bedroom of Brian and Kate McCabe in the Carriage Ridge subdivision of Harbor Club.

“We heard a crash and couldn’t imagine what it was,” said Kate. “We thought maybe a tree had fallen on the house. We were carrying the babies upstairs, and I thought my husband had fallen backwards down the stairs and knocked something over.”

Cautiously and slowly moving down the stairs to see what was going on, the couple came to the closed door of their bedroom on the first floor.

“When it happened again, we opened the door to our bedroom, and there was glass everywhere and a trail of blood all over the room,” recalled Kate. “We looked outside and our neighbor was running toward us wanting to know if we were okay. We still had no idea what had happened.”

A frightened doe that jumped through a bedroom window to escape a big buck in Harbor Club was cut from the glass and spread blood trails throughout the room trying to get out, as seen by this photo in the bathroom of Brian and Kate McCabe. After a minute or two, the doe went back though the window to the outside.

When the neighbor got to the house, he told the McCabe’s a huge buck was chasing a doe, and she had jumped over a table and a chair on the porch and plowed right through the large bedroom window pane.

A minute or two later, the doe jumped back through the same window and disappeared, the neighbor said.

“It was wild. It was our bedroom, and if we had been in there asleep or taking a nap, it could have been very ugly,” Kate said. “If our bedroom door had not been closed, the deer would have ransacked our entire house. We were very fortunate that nobody was in there and the babies weren’t on the floor crawling around.”

Understandably, Kate said she and her husband were shaken a little bit and kind of in shock.

“Our clothes in the closet had blood all over them, the carpet had blood trails everywhere, and the closet walls had blood smears in several spots,” Kate said, noting there was blood on the broken glass of the window, indicating the doe was badly cut by the broken glass. “She (doe) was just beating her way through our bedroom. There was even blood in the bathroom on the shower door and the floor. It looked like a murder scene.

“I’m just glad she was able to hop back out the same way she came in.”’

Editor’s Note: Associate Editor Lee Coleman with the Eatonton Messenger provided this story.

The McCabe family in the Carriage Ridge subdivision of Harbor Club had quite the experience last Sunday when a frightened doe jumped through their bedroom window to avoid a “massive” buck chasing her. The family is (from left) 1-year-old Connor, Brian McCabe, Kate McCabe and 1-year-old Charlie.

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