Dobie Authors Second Volume To “Dawn Of American Deer Hunting”

GON Staff | December 23, 2018

One of the favorite hunting books around the GON office over the past several years has been Duncan Dobie’s “Dawn of American Deer Hunting.”

Duncan’s compilation of historic deer hunting photos was also popular with other folks, enough so that Duncan has authored another version.

If you enjoyed Volume I, you’ll love Volume II of “Dawn of American Deer Hunting.” Since its publication in 2015, Duncan Dobie’s first volume has been a best-seller among deer enthusiasts and hunters. Volume II contains 240 pages with nearly 400 vintage black-and-white photos and a color section of whitetail art.

Published by Sporting Classics, Volume II is available in a standard hardback Collector’s Edition for $40, or a Deluxe leather-bound, signed-and-numbered edition of 400 books for $70. The Deluxe Edition is only available through Sporting Classics. Order online at, or call (800) 849-1004. Autographed copies of the Collector’s Edition are available from Duncan by calling (770) 973-8049.

Just like Volume I, each of the historic photos in Volume II tells a story—what the hunter was doing, the location, the type gun being used or some other interesting fact about how hunters of yesteryear plied their trade. The book is a veritable time capsule that shows how our grandfathers and great grandfathers loved doing the same thing 100 years ago. The book contains many never-before-published photos.

GON contributor Duncan Dobie has a new book, “Dawn of American Deer Hunting, Volume II.”

The book also contains profiles of some of our most beloved and history-making whitetail hunters like George Armstrong Custer, Theodore Roosevelt, Fred Bear and Annie Oakley. Did you know that a fatherless Annie Oakley at age 12 helped feed her mother and siblings and honed her incredible shooting skills by hunting whitetails and small game on the Indiana farm where she was raised? Did you know that George Custer, the “Boy General,” honed his shooting and hunting skills and developed his great love for hunting dogs by chasing whitetails in his boyhood Michigan? So many legendary Americans in our colorful past started out at an early age by hunting white-tailed deer.    

Volume II also contains stories and photos about legendary gun maker John M. Browning who patented so many of our early 20th century sporting rifles and interesting facts about many of his now classic rifles like the Winchester Model 94. The book also contains a section on Georgia’s Jack Crockford, the avid whitetail hunter and biologist who developed the now world-famous “Cap-Chur” gun to tranquilize deer during the early days of Georgia’s deer restoration program in the early 1950s.

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