DNR License Plate To Fund Game Warden Jobs

Of Georgia's 159 counties, 27 percent are without a regular game warden.

Brad Gill | March 7, 2018

There are still 43 counties in Georgia without a game warden. Georgia hunters now have an avenue to offset this giant problem by pre-ordering a  “Support Georgia Game Wardens” specialty license plate for their vehicle.

In addition to hiring new game wardens, a portion of the funds raised by the sale of these tags will go directly to the Law Enforcement Division to be used for equipment and to support the operations of game wardens in their day-to-day tasks.

“This is the only specialty license plate that directly supports Georgia game wardens and the Law Enforcement Division,” said DNR Law Enforcement Sgt. Mike Barr. “With over 3.5 million automobiles registered in Georgia and over 7 million total registered vehicles, this specialty tag can make a real difference with funding to support your local game warden.”

Purchasing this new Georgia Game Wardens license plate will put more officers in the field.

By law, the Law Enforcement Division must pre-sell 1,000 plates before the tag is manufactured. The Division said they expect to have sold 500 plates by next week.

“The Law Enforcement Division will receive $22 per specialty license plate,” said Barr. “This is especially important as most specialty plates are kept for multiple years and will continue the funding for those consecutive years. The money will be used to sustain a long term operation of protection of our natural resources.”

The artwork for the plate was created by a current Georgia game warden and features a beautiful landscape scene background and the state of Georgia Law Enforcement emblem you see on uniforms and trucks. The license plate includes the slogan “Support Georgia Game Wardens” under the emblem and the Division’s motto, “Law Enforcement Off the Pavement” across the bottom.

“You can pre-order the specialty plate anytime during your tag rotation—not just when you go to renew your license plate,” said Barr. “Once the 1,000 pre-orders are received, you will get paperwork in the mail to complete the process.”

The special license plate fee of $35 and the $20 registration fee that must be paid of all tags will apply. During renewal years, the cost will be $55 a year to continue to support Law Enforcement efforts.

Law Enforcement receives $22 a year whether the tag is a new purchase or just a renewal.

A Samsung Chrome Laptop computer will be given away to one lucky winner who pre-ordered a plate.

Visit and click the license plate at the bottom of the page to download a pre-order form and for more information.

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