Vending Machines For Deer Corn

Corn Stops are expanding throughout Georgia.

Hunter Galloway | August 17, 2016

We have all heard of vending machines before, whether it be for snack or drinks, but have you heard of corn vending machines? Corn Stop has been the talk of the town lately and has become a big hit on Facebook. President of Corn Stop, Bob Newsome, plus Jim Parker, Terrence Smith and Steve Starnes, are behind the idea for vending machines that dispense corn 25 pounds at a time.

“I am behind Georgia Ice Houses, which is a vending machine for ice,” said Bob. “We had talked about the corn vending years before but never took it very seriously, and it eventually slipped the mind. Few years back, a young man came to us and brought back up the vending corn idea. We started with the patent two years ago and placed the very first Corn Stop machine in Port Allen, Louisiana.”

Last December, a Corn Stop was opened in Dawson, Georgia, and then one was opened in McRae. The Corn Stop team is now in the process of placing two more Corn Stops in Georgia, one in Donalsonville and the other near Augusta in Richmond County in the Northern Zone.

Only hunters in the Southern Zone can hunt deer over corn or any other bait. Those in the Northern Zone can only use corn as supplemental feed and must not hunt deer within 200 yards or within line of sight of where corn is placed.

“People traveling from the north going to their hunting club in the south where it’s legal to bait will stop there and purchase corn on the way down,” said Bob of the Augusta location.

When filling up at the Corn Stop, hunters will receive 25 pounds of corn in a plastic sack. The cost is $4 a bag, and corn can be purchased 24 hours a day using cash or a credit card.

“During the fall, my ice vending machines do very good business, and I know they are from hunters,” said Bob. “I am planning on placing Corn Stop Machines right beside these ice machines that do good business during the fall.”

Corn Stop is a franchise business and is open to franchise opportunities. You can find contact information and pricing at

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