Cohutta’s John Roy Brackett Passes

Duncan Dobie | December 13, 2018

He was buried in his camo shirt and work overalls with a cigar in his pocket. If he’d had his way, they probably would have buried him with his 50-year-old Willys Jeep that still runs like a charm. 

John Roy Brackett, of Cisco, well-known locally for his lifetime of hunting exploits, passed away quietly at home on Oct. 4. He loved life, and he loved people. 

Last November, GON featured a story about his many decades of hunting and fishing in the Cohuttas. According to his niece, Lisa Stafford, that story was the highlight of Johnny’s life during his last few years. Shortly after the article came out, Johnny invited all his friends to a “magazine signing” at his church. At least 100 people attended. 

In addition to his passion for the outdoors, Johnny amassed an extraordinary collection of arrowheads and Indian artifacts mostly found in Murray County. That collection has considerable historical significance and will probably end up in a museum. 

Johnny served his country during World War II and worked for the U.S. Forest Service for many years. 

John Roy Brackett was a one of kind individual, and he touched many lives. 

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