Blind Man Kills 8-Point Buck

GON Staff | January 9, 2008

Dale Adams of Stockbridge with his 170-lb. Houston County 8-pointer he shot on Nov. 24.

Deer hunter Dale Adams, 41, of Stockbridge is blind. He has been for about nine years due to complications from hypertension and diabetes. The loss of his vision, however, hasn’t dimmed his excitement over hunting and fishing.

“I’m too young to sit around feeling sorry for myself,” said Dale.

“Dale was a deer hunter before he lost his sight, but he never killed anything big enough to mount,” said Steve Corley, Dale’s brother-in-law. With Steve’s help, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Dale shot his best-ever buck, a Houston County 8-pointer.

“I never dreamed I would actually get to pull the trigger,” said Dale. “I was hoping to go down there with Steve and maybe hear some deer in the woods, or some hogs, and maybe be with him when he shot a deer and help him pull it out.”

The hunt turned out a great deal better than that.

“We were in one of those two-man buddy stands,” said Steve. “At 7:50 an 8-pointer chasing a doe ran up and stopped 20 yards away. I was telling Dale, ‘Get ready, get ready — here he comes.’ Dale was shooting a shotgun loaded with 3-inch magnum buckshot. All I did was stand beside him and put the barrel in the “V” of my hand and guide the barrel for him. Then I told him to shoot, and the buck dropped in its tracks — it was awesome! He sat in the stand and cried and hugged my neck. He was so excited.”

“There are several things I have had to give up,” said Dale. “But out of all the years I have been blind, and all the trouble and pain, that one moment made it all worth it.”

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