B.F. Grant Starts Slow

Warm, muggy weather blamed for the lack of bucks on day one.

Brooke Moore | November 6, 2015

The first quota hunt for B.F. Grant WMA opened yesterday morning with more than 200 deer hunters in the woods in hopes of killing a quality buck. The rainy, warm weather served as an obstacle for the hunters, who had hoped for colder weather to keep the big bucks on the prowl a little more.

Coupled with the fact that the WMA operates under quality-buck regulations and the rut is wide open this week, B.F. Grant’s first quota hunt of the season is traditionally one of the best in the state for shooting a quality buck.

With hunters blaming the weather, only three quality bucks and two antlerless deer showed up on the first morning of the hunt. One of the largest bucks of the morning belonged to Andrew Parker, of Monroe. He killed a nice 8-point buck, which was spotted trailing two does early in the morning.

Tommy Shover with WRD said, “This morning has been slower than usual because of the nasty weather, but it is still early, and I am optimistic about the rest of the weekend.”

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