A Georgia Buck Named Trashy

On Jan. 2, C.E. Phelps ended a season-long quest for a 22-point buck from Warren County.

Jordan Davis | February 18, 2016

This past deer season, C.E. Phelps Jr., of Warrenton, ended his quest for the buck of a lifetime.

It began during the second week of gun season when C.E. got pictures of a giant non-typical buck on his trail cameras in Warren County.

“I immediately called my son and grandkids to come look at the pictures of him,” said C.E. “I’ve never seen anything like this.”

As soon his grandson saw the picture, he recognized the buck as “Trashy,” a 22-pointer that many hunters in the area had been after.

C.E. began getting pictures of the buck on camera every night near a grain field where he hunts on his private land.

“I started studying his every move, you know,” said C.E. “I wanted to be the one who killed him.”

Along with his considerably recognizable antlers, Trashy also walked with a limp.

“I hunted every day,” said C.E, “and he stayed with me all season.”

Although C.E. had never laid eyes on Trashy from the stand, the hunter couldn’t stop thinking about the buck that continued to show up on numerous trail-camera pictures.

On Jan. 2, C.E. wasn’t feeling up to par, but he said he would rather sit in his deer stand than stay inside at the house, so that afternoon he went to his stand.

Shortly after 5 p.m., Trashy made an appearance, just as C.E. has hoped.

“I could tell he was real jittery, I think he knew I was there,” said C.E. “I knew he wasn’t going to stay long.”

As soon as the buck made the turn to leave, C.E. fired his best shot. But after quite some time of searching for the deer, C.E. had to return home without his trophy kill because it had gotten dark.

The next morning, C.E. and his hunting dog, Teddy, went to search for Trashy. Not long into their search, Teddy found the deer.

“Teddy has always been a good hunter,” said C.E.

After letting his family know, the news spread throughout the area like wild fire. Everyone knew that the hunt for Trashy was finally over.

“I was just so excited I got him. I love hunting,” said C.E.

Trashy has not been officially measured yet, but there’s no doubt the 22-point buck with the crazy non-typical rack is the trophy of a lifetime.

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