64-Pound Flathead Catfish Caught At Clarks Hill

A new lake record was set May 8 with 60-inch long catfish.

GON Staff | June 1, 2010

Ed Manley, 77, of Plum Branch, S.C., poses with his 60-inch long flathead catfish caught on May 8 at Clarks Hill Reservoir. The 64-lb., 3.5-oz. catfish set a new flathead catfish lake record for Clarks Hill.

Like no other Georgia reservoir, Clarks Hill is the king when it comes to producing gigantic catfish. There’s something about this sprawling impoundment on the Savannah River above Augusta that grows huge catfish. Jake Manley, of Plum Branch, S.C., knew the lake’s potential already, and on May 8 it was confirmed in a huge way.

Jake, who is 77 years old, was fishing with cut blueback herring as bait on a rod and reel when he hooked and landed a 60-inch flathead catfish that weighed 64-lbs., 3.5-ozs. on certified scales. GON confirms the fish set a new lake record for flathead catfish on Clarks Hill. Jake’s fish broke a two-way tie for the Clarks Hill flathead record, which was held by Steve Sellers and Claude Spires, who both had 63-lb. catfish and a tie of the record until Jake’s catch in May.

Georgia Outdoor News established official lake and river records for Georgia waters more than 15 years ago. Only fish caught on rod and reel, weighed on certified scales, and verified by GON are considered for lake and river records. The complete list appears annually in the February issue of the magazine.

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