2019-2020 WMA Dove Fields

Brad Gill | July 30, 2019

Not everyone can afford $100 to $150 for a spot on a private dove field, so Georgia WRD does a good job in offering folks some public opportunities. Some of those fields are quota-only, but the deadline to apply over at is Aug. 15. You’ve still got time.

To the right is a list of available WMA dove fields where folks can hunt. Those that are quota are marked with an asterisk (*). Some of those quotas are youth-only quotas. To see which dove fields offer youth-only dove opportunities, click here.

To review the quota-hunt selection odds table for adult and youth dove quota hunts, log on to This will guide you to how many, if any, priority points you want to consider using when applying for a hunt. 

Last year’s hardest adult dove hunt draw was the first hunt at Rum Creek WMA, although 97% were drawn with one or two priority points. 

The toughest two draws on youth fields were the first hunt at Buck Shoals and the first hunt on River Creek. Both took using at least one priority point to guarantee a spot. 

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