Worth County Wallhanger Only 2 1/2 Years Old

GON Staff | December 21, 1989

Although there has yet to be a Boone and Crockett record book buck killed in Georgia this season, there have been a number of outstanding bucks killed. Mike Roberts Jr., 22, of Sylvester, was one of the lucky hunters.

Mike shot a 235-lb. live-weight Worth County buck on Nov. 13. Like many of the big bucks killed this year, the deer was shot just before dark. The buck was trailing a doe and had just stepped out of a pine thicket when Mike shot. 

The rack had an inside spread of 19 2/8 inches, and its longest beam measured 28 inches long.

Game and Fish Biologist Bill Cooper green-scored the rack at 160 2/8 B&C inches. A rack must dry for at least 60 days before it can be officially scored.

What makes this buck more amazing is that it was only 2 1/2 years old. Makes you wonder what it might have been at 4 1/2.

1234 6/8 (NT)Fletcher Culpepper2012WorthGunView 
2211 4/8 (NT)Wade Patterson1988WorthGunView 
3209 1/8 (NT)George Brannen Jr.2010WorthGunView 
4179 4/8 Jason McGovern2021WorthGun
5175 3/8 L. Edwin Massey1962WorthFound
6200 3/8 (NT)Shannon Sledge2016WorthGunView 
7171 7/8 Sam Brannen2011WorthGunView 
8170 7/8 James Mashburn1983WorthGunView 
9195 6/8 (NT)Paul Murray1997WorthFound
10195 4/8 (NT)Shane Calhoun1985WorthGun

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