Worth County Buck Assist From Big G

With two strokes in the rearview, Van "Big G" Powell wasn't missing this blood trail.

GON Staff | August 25, 2022

Arielle Hurst with the Worth County buck she shot and recovered last November with some help from Big G.

On Nov. 22, 2021,

Arielle Hurst was hunting in Worth County on Nov. 22, 2021 when a super 10-pointer stepped out at 30 yards.

“I shot, the buck jumped, kicked and nearly hit the ground before running into the edge of the woods,” said Arielle.

Her long-time boyfriend’s grandfather, Van ‘Big G’ Powell, heard the shot and waited for the phone call to come help load him up. The call came and Big G got to Arielle just as quickly as he could. He wanted to be a part of the recovery.

“Big G has had two strokes and has a difficult time walking,” said Arielle. “I told him just to hang tight that I would go into the woods a little ways to take a look for the deer.”

Keeping Big G out of those woods was kind of like putting a T-Bone steak down in front of a Rottweiler and telling him not to eat it.

“Big G just could not stand for that,” said Arielle. “He was so excited about the possibility of a nice buck down, he had to help look himself. Long story short… Big G got down in the woods and I had to pull Big G and the buck out of the woods!”

What a great story. We certainly appreciate Arielle sharing it with us.  


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