Worth County Bow-Kill Grosses 178

One of the state’s best bow-kills of the year falls during the heart of rifle season.

GON Staff | December 2, 2022

Ragan Paramore’s Worth County bow-kill grosses near 180. Matching split G2s and side-to-side deductions could bring the net score down into the mid 160s, but it will still be one of the top Georgia bow-bucks for the season.

Ragan Paramore, 21, punched a tag by taking down a Worth County brute on the evening of Nov. 15 with his bow.

“This buck only showed up on cameras about a month ago,” said Ragan. “He was on the cameras heavy for about two weeks, but only at night.”

The buck was never seen in daylight, and then he disappeared for approximately five days, showed back up, and then he was gone again the next night.

“I was like, ‘Well, I’m not going to kill him sitting at the house,’ so I went to the stand that evening after a morning of steady rain,” said Ragan.

Ragan grabbed his Hoyt Spyder and headed to his ground blind, which is nestled in a natural opening in planted pines with overgrown understory.

“I immediately started hearing some bucks grunting and then a doe came in about 4:45,” said Ragan.

The doe was soon followed by the monster buck. However, he was skittish of everything, including other animals.

“Any other animals would run him off the corn,” said Ragan. “I spotted him at 45 yards, he then wandered in to about 35 yards but was spooked by squirrels running up and down the trees.”

After what seemed like forever, the buck finally made his way closer, turning broadside only briefly before quartering and giving Ragan his only shot.

Ragan drew back and let a Muzzy broadhead fly.

“He took off and I saw the arrow come out, so I was immediately thinking I didn’t get much penetration on him,” said Ragan.

He left his stand and waited roughly two hours before searching in hopes he got lucky.

“When I went back, I found the arrow was actually broken off and immediately felt much better about my shot,” said Ragan.

After only a short hike, Ragan found his trophy about 50 yards away.

“I was very thankful that I did make a better shot than I thought and was able to get him,” said Ragan.

Ragan took the big buck to Bert Strawder’s Taxidermy with plans to have him mounted.

The buck is a main-frame 10-pointer with matching G2 splits and green scores 178 5/8 inches. The 5 1/2-year-old buck should net somewhere in the mid 160s.

Ragan Paramore in the woods with his giant Worth County bow-kill buck.


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