WMA Youth Hunt Special

Break out the hunting calendars, and start making some kid plans.

Brad Gill | August 3, 2020

We owe it to the WRD crew for making plenty of public-land places for kids to be exposed to hunting. Below are the charts of every youth hunt that is available for any youth 16 years old and younger. Consider the following when making plans to attend a hunt.

Use the key below to decipher what type of youth hunt is being offered. As always, refer to the most current hunting regulations prior to hunting any WMA.

• For quota youth hunts, the youth will need their own account and DNR customer ID number by going to

• If you are a returning online customer signing your kid up for one of the more popular youth quota hunts, review the selection odds tables at

• Only a youth can physically kill a deer, turkey or bear during both quota and non-quota youth big-game hunts on WMAs. An adult is there only as a chaperone and mentor for the youth.

• To view this year’s overall WMA Special turn over to page 82. To view specific youth deer hunt results from last season, they are posted at

• When your child has success on one of these hunts, please email us a photo, the child’s name, age, hometown, location of kill and any interesting details our readers would enjoy to [email protected].

Wade Downs, 9, of Bremen, got his first deer at the Oct. 5-6 youth quota hunt on J.L. Lester WMA. He was using a .243 rifle with bullets he loaded himself. He saw a total of 11 the first morning.

Bo Bennett, of Doerun, shot this nice 10-pointer at River Creek WMA on a youth-only deer hunt after Christmas. The hunt had a quota of 35 but only 13 kids showed up to hunt.

Kasen Gurr, 14, of Danville, was selected for the first Rum Creek WMA youth quota hunt and killed two birds. His story is at

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