Wilcox County 9-Point Buck Nets 154

GON Staff | August 7, 2002

Wayne Lawrence, of Dallas, shot an awesome 9-point buck on November 7 during the 2001 Georgia deer season while hunting in Wilcox County.

Wayne had arrived at camp a little early on a Friday evening, so he went to a new piece of property and sat on the ground on a pond dam. At 5:40 p.m. the buck appeared and took a drink from the pond. Wayne’s shot was true.

The buck netted 154 3/8 B&C points and tied for ninth-best killed in Georgia during the 2001 deer season.

1182 6/8 Wade Severson2022WilcoxGunView 
2170 3/8 Scott Urquhart1981WilcoxGun
3189 1/8 (NT)Ronnie Wilcox1984WilcoxGun
4189 (NT)GA DNR2012WilcoxGun
5163 2/8 Danny Luke1987WilcoxGun
6163 1/8 Lynn Gordon1974WilcoxGun
7163 1/8 Roy Bloodworth1986WilcoxGun
8162 5/8 Scott McGuinty2007WilcoxGunView 
9160 7/8 Scott McGuinty2014WilcoxGunView 
10160 4/8 Matthew Stubbs2017WilcoxGunView 

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