Warren County’s New No. 1 Buck

This buck made two appearances on a 100-acre tract of land—his first and his last.

Mike Bolton | February 9, 2022

Tim Wood lives in Hendersonville, N.C., but Warren County Georgia will always be home to him. During deer season, he tries to return to the family home at least once or twice a month to hunt.

When he saw the biggest buck that he has ever seen on the 100-acre property on opening weekend, he was convinced that it was a buck that was just passing through and he’d never see again.

Tim Wood with Warren County’s best-ever recorded buck.

“We never had the deer on camera or anything,” Tim said. “None of us had ever seen him before. He was running and I wasn’t about to take a shot at him as far away as he was. I let him run. I just accepted the fact that I would never see him again.”

Tim told his brother that he had seen the biggest buck that he had ever seen. Tim encouraged his brother to take the buck if he ever reappeared. When Tim returned near the end of the season, no one had seen the buck again. His brother had hunted for a solid week at one point during the season, hoping to see the buck. No luck.

“I had two days to hunt and really wasn’t thinking about the buck,” Tim said. “I wish there was a great story to tell, but there wasn’t. On the second day, I set up in the woods next to a food plot, and here he comes. He was about 40 yards away and I shot. He ran about 20 yards. My brother said he couldn’t believe he had hunted that deer for a solid week and didn’t see him and I came in for two days and got him. I was blessed.”

The 10-point buck with long, symmetrical times grossed 165 3/8 inches and netted 161 2/8. It is the new No. 1 buck all-time for Warren County and one of the top Georgia deer for the season. Tim and his buck will definitely makes GON’s prestigious Fab 40 article that appears each August to highlight Georgia best bucks of the season.


Warren County Best Bucks Of All-Time

1161 2/8 Tim Wood2021WarrenGunView 
2154 3/8 Bruce Allen2005WarrenGun
3151 7/8 Chuck Cantrell2014WarrenGunView 
4150 4/8 Mike Bentley2006WarrenGunView 
5149 2/8 Jake Brooks2012WarrenFound
6148 Gunner Stewart2018WarrenGunView 
7146 7/8 Hal Lloyd2001WarrenGun
8146 3/8 Leck Cash1985WarrenGun
9145 4/8 Calvin Cannon2005WarrenGunView 
10145 3/8 Tim Whaley1981WarrenGun

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