Truth In Nature Hosts Single-Parent Deer Hunt

Jeff Davis | February 1, 2016

Founder of Truth in Nature Jeff Davis (left) stands with Daniel Jackson, 15, of Dallas, with Daniel’s first deer. Truth in Nature is an outdoor ministry founded in 2009 that works with and mentors young men who are from single-parent homes.

On Nov. 21, Truth in Nature held its second deer hunt of the fall at Walker Creek Outdoors in Haralson County.

Truth in Nature is an outdoor ministry founded in 2009 in Dallas that works with and mentors young men who are from single-parent homes.

This particular hunt was a make up for an earlier, rained-out hunt. Unfortunately it was not a doe day, but it was the only time they could get it in.

Shortly after daylight the pairs of boys and mentors began seeing deer activity. However it was all does. As the text messages started going around to the stands, anticipation was high that a young man would get a shot at a buck.

In a buddy stand set back on a hardwood hill bordered by a field on one side and an overgrown cutover on the other sat mentor Jeff Davis and young man Daniel Jackson, both from Dallas. Daniel joined Truth in Nature almost a year ago right after deer season had ended and had been anxiously awaiting the season to come back around for his first chance at a deer. This hunt marked Daniel’s first time ever in the deer stand.

It wasn’t long before Daniel noticed movement behind some trees. It was an average-sized doe, and she was feeding up the hill toward the stand. She got closer and closer, and even though they knew they couldn’t shoot, it was exciting just to watch her. This was the first deer Daniel had ever seen out of a deer stand.

I whispered to Daniel, “Don’t make any movement in case there is a buck behind her.”

Daniel mustered up a “Yes” as he sat there with his hands shaking.

All of sudden the doe went on alert and trotted over toward the cutover. That’s when a buck came busting out of some thick cover. Daniel had already spotted movement in the cover and knew something was down there. The buck came right up the hill toward the doe. Jeff gave Daniel the rifle and asked him if he was ready. Daniel said he was, and Jeff grunted to stop the deer. As soon as he did, Daniel made a perfect shot and down went the 3-pointer. It was high-fiving and congrats all around! This was Daniel’s first hunt, first deer and first buck all in the same trip.

Daniel was awarded and named a leader in the Truth in Nature programs at the End of Year banquet. The prior spring Daniel had made a decision to follow Christ and was baptized.

Truth in Nature is about walking alongside these young men through middle and high school sharing Christ with them all while using God’s Outdoors as the backdrop. What a great year for a great young man.

Shannon Morgan from Walker Creek Outdoors says, “That is what we are all about in allowing the kids to come have a shot at their first deer and seeing them be successful in the outdoors.”

For more on Truth in Nature, go to, or call Jeff at (404) 374-4228.

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