Truck-Buck 2019-20: Week 8 Winner, Danny Robinson

The stories behind the Truck-Buck Contest winners and the bucks that earned them a spot in the Shoot-Out.

Daryl Kirby | June 6, 2020

Week 8: Danny Robinson, 187 6/8 non-typical
County: Monroe
Date: Nov. 4

Danny Robinson starting hunting when he about 15 in upstate New York near the Canadian border.
Now 67 years old and living in Forsyth, Danny said he’s always loved the outdoors, maybe too much.

“I really worshipped the outdoors instead of worshipping the Lord. I went all over the country chasing these deer and spent a lot of money and a lot of time,” Danny said

“But the Lord still lets me do this, and I still enjoy it, and my sons and grandchildren enjoy it, too.”

Two years ago Danny got a buck on camera that they think was a 2 1/2 year old, a 12-pointer with some sticker points. But the next season the buck grew sticker points everywhere, about 45 inches just in abnormal points.

Week 8: Danny Robinson, of Forsyth, with his non-typical buck that had 29 scorable points and tallied a net non-typical score of 187 6/8.

“He loved the camera, the first time we saw him we got 20 pictures,” Danny said. “My son and I were looking at the pictures together, and when we saw him, we both said ‘my goodness’ at the exact same time. So we called him Mr. Goodness.”

“We didn’t get a good look at him during hunting season, other than one time my son thought he saw him but didn’t have a good shot. The second time is when I saw him. He was about 80 yards away. I thought he was a doe. There were pine trees in front of him, about five of them, and it had just got daylight and was kind of overcast, and I just saw a deer down there eating corn. I couldn’t see the head. I put the gun down and was looking through binoculars because I still hadn’t seen any antlers. Then he stepped, and I saw immediately all kinds of horns. I said, ‘That deer is good deer.’ I put the binoculars down, picked up the gun and shot. I didn’t have any thought it was Mr. Goodness. I was hunting by myself, and I walked up there and I saw him laying there. I could not believe my eyes. I stood there 20 minutes thanking the Lord and praying.”

The 29-point buck netted 187 6/8 non-typical and grossed over 200 inches. It is the No. 5 buck of all-time from Monroe County, and it is the county’s best buck since 1979. Danny and his deer were featured on the GON cover for December 2019.

Danny will be shooting in the finals to win a new Silverado pickup truck from long-time Truck-Buck sponsor John Megel Chevrolet. He has already won a $1,140 Browning deer rifle and a prize package which includes Antler Addict Mineral and 4S Draw from 4S Advanced Wildlife Solutions, a safety harness from Hunter Safety System and Shoot-Out shirts from Realtree.


GON’s Official All-Time Monroe County Buck Rankings

1240 3/8 (NT)John Hatton Jr.1973MonroeGunView 
2191 4/8 Buck Ashe1961MonroeGunView 
3173 3/8 Unknown1979MonroeGun
4170 4/8 T.E. Land1958MonroeGun
5187 6/8 (NT)Danny Robinson2019MonroeGunView 
6162 6/8 James Mock1971MonroeGun
7185 6/8 (NT)Mike Gordon2012MonroeFound
8161 Ronnie Hay1972MonroeGun
9183 3/8 (NT)Addison Wallace2020MonroeGun
10159 L.L. Rowan1974MonroeGun

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