Troup County Monster Buck Shot By Lady Hunter

Woman bags massive 12-pointer.

GON Staff | November 22, 1990

A Pine Mountain woman has killed what appears to be the biggest buck taken in Georgia thus far this season.

Delaine Flowers is a member of a serious deer hunting family. Her husband, son and daughter all love to chase white-tailed deer. Delaine was hunting with her 15-year-old daughter on the evening of Oct. 9 in Troup County when she downed the buck of a lifetime.

“I’ve been hunting since I was about 13 years old,” said Delaine. “I went for about 14 or 15 years without killing a deer.”

Delaine Flowers with a Troup County buck she killed Oct. 9, 1990.

Her persistence paid off about five years ago when she killed a spike. The next year she killed a nice 10-point buck, and since then she has regularly tagged deer each season. But none of those bucks compared to the one she saw that Friday evening a few weeks ago.

“I didn’t get into my stand until about 5:30 p.m.,” said Delaine. “I don’t get off work until 5 p.m., so I have to fly home if I want to get in some hunting.”

Her ladder stand sits on the edge of a winter rye field, with mixed pines and hardwoods behind her and on the far side of the field.

“Where we hunt the deer can come out and spot you, then go back in the woods, circle around and come out in a bottom or valley in the field where you can’t see them. I think that’s what this buck did.”

Delaine spotted the buck at about 5:50 p.m. The deer had crossed the field undetected and was now on the far side, just a few steps from the safety of the woods.

“He looked like a dog trying to sneak up on something,” said Delaine. “He was slinking along, and he was on his way back into the woods on the other side.”

The buck stopped under a tree near the edge of the field.

“I could see a rack, but I couldn’t tell how big he was because the tree limbs had part of his rack hidden,” she said. “Another step and he wold have been in the woods.”

Delaine raised her Weatherby 7mm Mag and sighted across the 75-yard field. The scope’s crosshairs rested on the buck’s shoulder, and she squeezed the trigger.

“He ran about 10 feet and fell. I climbed down and got my daughter who was hunting in a stand close by,” said Delaine.

The huge buck weighed 185 pounds after being field-dressed. Delaine tried to call her husband to help get the deer out, but he wasn’t home. She was finally able to reach her brother, who helped retrieve the massive buck.

An unofficial green score of the rack came up at 160 4/8  Boone & Crockett points. The 12-point buck had a typical 10-point rack with two abnormal points. The inside spread measured 18 4/8 inches, and its circumference at the bases measured 5 6/8 inches. The buck’s longest tine was 11 4/8 inches.


Troup County All-Time Buck Rankings

Rank Score Name Year County Method Photo
1 176 2/8 Claude McKibben Jr. 1984 Troup Gun
2 163 1/8 Delaine Flowers 1990 Troup Gun View 
3 157 5/8 Edward McCord Jr. 1985 Troup Gun
4 156 6/8 Lynn Robertson 2009 Troup Gun
5 156 James Hogan 1989 Troup Bow View 
6 155 5/8 Charles Guined 1999 Troup Gun View 
7 155 Jeremy Baltzell 2001 Troup Muzzleloader
8 176 6/8 (NT) Bill deMonye 1990 Troup Gun
9 154 Robert Lynn Park 1991 Troup Gun
10 152 5/8 William Hutchinson 1983 Troup Gun

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