Teen Takes Best-Ever Bow Buck From Screven County

North Goodwin says the best time to hunt is when you can go, even if it means pouring sweat.

Mike Bolton | March 3, 2022

The old saying is that the best time to go deer hunting is when you can go. North Goodwin, a 17-year-old from Augusta, is one of those who believes that old sayings get to be old sayings because they are true.

When North wanted to go bowhunting back on Oct. 15 of last year, his dad chalked it up to youthful exuberance, not a good understanding of bowhunting. It would be only his third time bowhunting, and he didn’t realize that 85-degree weather isn’t conducive to good hunting. Just thinking about going outside would make you sweat.

North Goodwin, 17, with the new No. 1 bow-buck ever recorded from Screven County.

“I had to convince my dad to go,” he said. “When we got out there, I was really sweating. But I knew where I was going to be hunting that the wind would be in my face, so I thought that it didn’t matter.”

At first, North wondered if maybe his dad had been right. He was sweating profusely by the time he got up in his stand. Only seeing a couple of does at first didn’t cool things off, either.

“Finally, this tiny 8-point came out and got right under my stand,” North said. “He was directly below me. I was having to be super quiet, but he wasn’t paying any attention to me because he was looking somewhere else.

“I looked and this buck with a huge rack was 60 yards away, and I thought he was looking right at me. It turned out he was looking at the other buck under me. He started walking toward me. When he got behind a tree, I pulled back. When he got to about 15 yards away, he stopped and started looking around. I shot, and when I looked up, he was flopping on the ground. The other deer all stayed and watched him flop. They didn’t know what happened.”

It turns out that 10-point buck taken on private land in Screven County would officially score 147 4/8 inches. It’s the best bow-buck ever taken from that county.

“I’ve taken two bucks before with a gun, but none of them scored higher than 125,” North said. “This one is one I’ll always remember.”


Screven County Best Bow-Bucks Of All-Time

1147 4/8 North Goodwin2021ScrevenBowView 
2144 2/8 Scott Buday2018ScrevenBowView 
3143 Tom Hughes1995ScrevenBowView 
4141 2/8 Don Allex1990ScrevenBow
5140 7/8 Ryan Beasley2007ScrevenBowView 
6159 4/8 (NT)Rusty Robbins2018ScrevenBowView 
7138 6/8 Darryl Baker1995ScrevenBowView 
8138 3/8 John Frankhouser1982ScrevenBow
9138 3/8 Rodney Becton1996ScrevenBow
10138 3/8 Chris Phillips2022ScrevenBow

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