Super Thick Pulaski County 14-Point Buck

Rough scored at 173 total inches, this massive buck has some 6-inch circumference measurements.

Jordan Davis | November 6, 2020

There are some big-buck contests up north where the winners are determined by how much a rack weighs—no measuring, the capped skull plate and rack are put on a scale. A super-thick Pulaski County 14-point buck killed this weekend would give any North Woods buck a run for the money in that type of contest.

Adam Gomez and his wife, Crystal, have served in the United States Air Force for 19 years. They are currently stationed at Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter, South Carolina, and when they have free time they enjoy coming back to Georgia to their family hunting property in Pulaski County.

They bought their property, which they call GS Farms, in 2015. While Adam and Crystal are away, other family members help manage the tract.

There was no mistaking this Pulaski County buck. They called him “Triple T,” which is short for Two Tines Touch, named after those incredible sweeping main beams that cross. Adam Gomez killed the buck Oct. 31, 2020.

This hunting season Adam, Crystal and several other family members were all on the hunt for two specific monster bucks. One of them they called “Triple T,” which is short for Two Tines Touch. The buck’s main beams cross and touch at the tips. The second buck was a main frame 11-point they called “Split Side Righty,” due to a split right brow tine.

Adam was deployed to Afghanistan last year and was unable to hunt.

“Triple T grew a lot from last year,” said Adam.

While the buck was showing up on trail-camera, like many mature bucks he was a ghost when it came to appearing in front of hunters on the property.

“We had never seen him in person until Saturday,” Adam said.

Meanwhile, the 11-point buck’s luck ran out on Oct. 25, when Adam’s brother-in-law, Michael Savoca, was able to shoot him. Then the attention for all of the hunters focused on Triple T.

“The whole family was hunting pretty much the same deer since Michael killed Split Side Righty last week,” said Adam.

Adam felt like he had the buck patterned, having pictures of the giant on camera almost every day for six weeks. Getting a glimpse of the buck from the stand was another story, but it was a story that was about to get that final chapter written.

“We were 99% sure we knew where Triple T was bedding, and he was definitely feeding a lot on our property,” said Adam. “Ocmulgee Mow Down food plot blends are awesome, they kept him coming back.”

Saturday afternoon, on Halloween, Adam was back in the stand for an evening hunt.

“It was a beautiful, perfect, quiet day,” Adam said.

Adam had put some Tink’s 69 lure out, and he had hit his Primos grunt call.

“I was hunting a clearcut, with small planted pines and a thin tree line that had a gap where I was also looking into another field,” said Adam, “I saw him to my left approaching the gap in the tree line. He walked through the gap, nose in the air, walking very slow.”

Triple T never stopped that slow walk as Adam lined him up in the scope and pulled the trigger on his 7mm Winchester. At 6:11 p.m., he dropped the brute in its tracks at 92 yards.

“There was a lot of emotion, I may have let out a loud yell or two,” said Adam. “Everyone heard the shot and immediately started texting me, they all got down and came quickly.”

Imagine what this rack weighs. The mass is super thick, and not just on the main beam circumferences—the tines are also very thick.

After a photo shoot, Adam and family took the buck to Frog’s Buck Shop in Hawkinsville, where taxidermist Frog Mullis rough scored it at around 173 total inches as a 14-point. It’s a main-frame 10-pointer with a split G2 on the right and several stickers off the left brow.

“It has 3 to 4 inches of abnormals,” Frog said. “And the mass was just crazy. It was around 6 inches at the bases, and there was one spot on the right side, the third circumference I think, where it was palmated and the circumference was over 6 inches.”

A rack has to ‘air dry’ for 60 days before it can be officially scored by a certified measurer. Once the tape is pulled on Adam’s buck and the numbers are crunched, it appears he has a great chance of making Pulaski County’s all-time Top-10 in GON’s Georgia Deer Records.

UPDATE: Adam’s buck was officially scored at 166 4/8 net typical, ranking it as the No. 2 buck of all-time from Pulaski County.


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