Skye Brack Scores On Record-Class Bow Buck

Her Dodge County main-frame 12-pointer was rough-scored at 137 inches.

GON Staff | November 10, 2021

After some tough luck in recent seasons, Skye Brack, of Eastman, was finally able to get back on the board when she had a successful hunt for a trophy buck on Halloween evening, Oct. 31, 2021. Skye got the buck with her compound bow, and a rough score indicates she’s going to make the bowhunting record books with her deer.

The evening hunt was not a shoo-in for success ater a busy day and Braves baseball coming on that evening. Skye and her boyfriend, Jared, had been playing golf all day, and he insisted they should go hunting afterward.

“It was my first hunt in the new stand because I got a late start hunting this year,” said Skye, “and I really wasn’t expecting anything, I just wanted to get home in time to watch the World Series.”

Skye took to her ladder stand just before 5 p.m. in a wooded area of mixed hardwoods and pines, and it was the first time in this particular setup.

“This year I started hunting in a new stand,” said Skye. “I had hunted the same stand for the past 3 to 4 years with some missed shots and unfortunate luck there.”

Skye Brack, of Eastman, is going to make the Georgia bowhunting record books once her Dodge County 12-point buck is officially measured.

After sitting for about 30 minutes, Skye began to hear movement, but she didn’t have her bow ready for a shot.

“I finally see a deer coming from my right and realize it was a buck, and then I realized it was ‘Stickers,’” said Skye. “I knew without a doubt it was him, he has such a dark rack and a lot of stickers around his brow tines.”

About to burst with excitement, Skye watched as the skittish buck circled the feeder at only 25 yards away.

“I wanted to let him eat some and buy myself time to get ready and get my composure together enough to make a good shot,” Skye said.

After what seemed like a lifetime of waiting for the perfect moment, Skye drew back on her New Breed Seduction bow and let an arrow fly.

“I immediately hear it hit him,” said Skye. “It sounded good, looked good, I was so excited. I texted my boyfriend and called my dad. The only thing I could get out was, ‘I got a deer, I got a deer.’”

While waiting on her dad Marty and boyfriend Jared, Skye visualized the shot and the buck’s reaction.

“I just kept replaying that moment over and over,” said Skye. “My dad and my boyfriend brought our dog, Judd, with them to help us find him.”

It didn’t take long considering the big buck only made it about 50 yards.

“There were no words to explain my excitement, there’s nothing like it,“ said Skye. “I just want to thank my dad for managing, feeding, getting ready for the season and Jerome Peterson for teaching me all about my bow and getting it set up for me.”

Skye took the buck to Frogg’s Taxidermy where the rack was rough-scored at 137 inches as a main-frame 12-point. Currently, the highest-scoring bow-buck ever taken by a female hunter in Dodge County is Sascha Smith’s 2018 buck that netted 136 2/8.

Dodge County All-Time Record Bow-Killed Bucks

1144 3/8 James Rogers2010DodgeBowView 
2141 7/8 Jerome Peterson2009DodgeBow
3140 6/8 Randy Dennis1997DodgeBowView 
4140 1/8 Kenneth L. Rogers II2021DodgeBowView 
5139 3/8 Clay Foskey2016DodgeBow
6138 7/8 Colin Upshaw2019DodgeBowView 
7137 7/8 Clay Foskey2021DodgeBowView 
8137 4/8 Jim Wimberly2020DodgeBowView 
9137 4/8 Colby Bryant2021DodgeBowView 
10137 3/8 Jim Wimberly2020DodgeBowView 

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