Sad Situation For Young Buck

GON Staff | December 21, 2022

We will let folks write their own captions about this buck’s ‘mid-section’ predicament.

Jeff Reynolds, of Snellville, sent some trail-cam pictures of an unfortunate buck in Monroe County.

Jeff emailed Dr. Gino D’Angelo, Assistant Professor of Deer Ecology and Management at UGA about the buck’s condition.

Dr. G’s response: “I would not enjoy being that deer, but he seems to be faring pretty well considering his burden. My best estimation is that he has a hydrocyst from a previous infection. They often occur from puncture wounds such as from a barbed wire fence or other traumatic injury. I’m surprised it has not popped yet. He looks generally healthy. Also, I don’t think there has been any damage to his testicles despite the location, as his antler growth has not been affected. He’s getting along, but it would not hurt to harvest him if given the opportunity to give him a break. Unless there are signs of secondary infection in the meat (e.g., green coloration, pus), there is no concern eating the venison.”

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