Record-Class Jackson County Buck For Teen

Sixteen-year-old Bryson Edwards tells the story of his tall-tined 10-point buck.

Bryson Edwards | December 1, 2022

Bryson Edwards with his Jackson County 10-point buck killed n Thanksgiving Day, 2022.

My name is Bryson Edwards, better known as “Spanky.” I’m 16 years old and from Maysville, Georgia.

I’ve been an avid fisherman and white-tail hunter my whole life. My Dad would take me with him when I was still in diapers. We have always hunted in Jackson County. After my first spike, each year afterwards, I’d get double the points from the previous year. In 2019,  I got my first big 11-point, Tex was his name (because every deer gets a name) and everyone said then that deer would be hard for me to beat. Then in 2021, I got a 9-point I called Turkey Foot because of his unique rack. One side had 4 points split off together which makes the shape of a turkey foot. 

Speaking of turkey, my dad and I have continued the tradition of our Thanksgiving Day morning hunts together. This year I’ve been hunting a new property here in Jackson County and haven’t been as often to the property that I typically hunt. Just on occasion this season I have been there. A friend who hunts the neighboring property told me that he could tell the deer have changed their pattern since I’ve not been coming in as much, so there’s no pressure on the side that I hunt.

Dad and I decided that we would hunt this property Thanksgiving Day, since it’s when we always go together. So I got into my stand just before sunrise and he in his. At approximately 7:43 a.m., a doe came in with a spike on her tail. I could hear a deep grunting and knew immediately that sound wasn’t coming from the young buck. Then I heard movement very close, so naturally I couldn’t move. But I could tell this guy was on the move as I heard what sounded like him dragging his feet as he continued the deep profound grunt, so I knew he was big.

Once he made way across to the front of me following the spike who was still behind the doe, I had to let him get out father from me to make a good accurate shot. I was in awe of his size, as I had never seen this particular deer on the property nor on camera. I took a deep breath, squeezing the trigger of my trusty 30.06 at the perfect angle, and he went down instantly.

As I sat waiting to come down, I thanked God for the opportunity to do what I love and just had so many emotions running through me with excitement. My Dad heard the shot and called me, I said to him, “It’s a good one Dad.” He came to my location and was as stunned as I was at the enormous deer laying there before us. I remembered hearing everyone say two years ago that my 10 would be hard to beat, but I was staring at a monster that I’ve only seen in magazines and on ads. I done it! Still in disbelief over this Stranger, but I done it. 

Hugh Bryant of Antler Creations Taxidermy in Lavonia rough-scored Bryson’s buck at 159 total inches. “He has two or three tines that are over 12 inches,” Hugh said.

After word of this giant got out, and talking with the guys who hunt the surrounding property, none of them had seen this deer or had him on camera. Two days later, I was notified by a property owner across the roadway through the woods about a mile away who had heard about me getting this deer. He lives out of town and he has had this deer on camera for the past five years, and he called to congratulate me. He had given me permission to hunt many years back, but I never hunted his property being that it was so close to where I hunt.

We have a rough guesstimate that this deer is around seven years of age. We took “Stranger” to taxidermist Hugh Bryant, owner and operator of Antler Creations in Lavonia, since we’ve used him in the past and are pleased with his work and turn around time. 

It’s another Thanksgiving day that I’ll never forget. 

Update: Bryson’s buck was measured by a certified scorer at 153 0/8 inches net.

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