Quitman County No. 3 Buck Is Young Lady’s First

GON Staff | May 25, 2022

Madison Taylor, 19, a nurse from Tifton, scored on the buck of a lifetime while hunting with her dad, Eric, on Nov. 21, 2021.

This was Madison’s first year hunting, as well as her first deer ever. It’s a year she will certainly remember forever.

Madison Taylor with the No. 3 buck ever from Quitman County.

Off and on for two years, the trophy buck that Madison ended up killing was captured only on trail cameras, being very careful to avoid hunters.

“At the beginning of the season I sat in the stand a lot and saw many deer, but I just kept waiting,” said Madison.

Around 10 a.m. the morning of Nov. 21, Madison and her dad Eric headed to their family hunting land in Quitman County for a late-morning hunt. They quickly settled into their homemade, two-person stand nestled in a pine stand, and the wait began.

“After only sitting for about an hour, I saw him, but then I had to wait about 15 minutes for him to turn around for me to get a shot,” said Madison.

As soon and the record-class buck turned broadside, Madison pulled the trigger on her Ruger .308.

“He stumbled off and dropped pretty quickly. I was excited, he was big and the one we had been seeing,” said Madison.

Not many people get to say their first buck falls into the top three bucks of a Georgia county. At 172 4/8 inches non-typical, Madison’s buck is No. 3 for Quitman County.

It is currently at Wildlife Trophies Taxidermy in Ashburn.


Quitman County Best Bucks Of All-Time

1162 1/8 Jack Akridge1983QuitmanGun
2159 York Carter1984QuitmanGun
3172 4/8 (NT)Madison Taylor2021QuitmanGunView 
4150 John Rothwell2007QuitmanGun
5147 3/8 Frank Gettig1996QuitmanGun
6137 Jack Akridge1983QuitmanGun
7133 5/8 Mike Stanaland2007QuitmanGunView 
8133 5/8 Randall Stanaland2009QuitmanGunView 
9152 4/8 (NT)Steve Fussell2002QuitmanMuzzleloader
10132 6/8 Ronald Taft2003QuitmanGun


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